How to Build a Content Library to Leverage as a Brand Asset

Tory Lanez Hard Knock TV Classics Interview 2020

Know and Mix Together Content Categories

Know and Acknowledge Value Types

Have a Strategy

  • Educational
  • Inspirational/Motivational
  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Owned- channels that your own and control (blogs; company mobile apps)
  • Earned- third-party platforms that share and promote your content (articles written by journalists; guest articles; Reddit)
  • Paid- channels that you can pay for distribution (PPC ads; paid influencer content)

Benefits of Content Archives

  • Leverage as a brand profitable brand asset
  • Reiterate and build support for your brand message
  • Track ROI and applying to future efforts
  • Act as tool for gathering data
  • Enhance possibility and create practical plan for longevity
  • Create a personal “time capsule” for your business
  • Allow users to engage with different versions of your brand
  • Force you to evaluate and engage with values of audience you serve
  • Build authority, awareness and trust



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